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Tips for Designing a New Bathroom

Tips for Designing a New Bathroom

Designing your dream bathroom can be an exciting project, and there’s a whole host of themes and style options to choose from. The downside to this is that limitless choice can feel a bit overwhelming - after all, you want to be sure to get it right!

Here at A J Marsden, we can fit dream bathrooms for homeowners, so have put together some pointers to help guide you to your perfect new bathroom design! 

And if you'd like to make use of the bathroom installation service we offer, then please contact us. We cover Saddleworth, Diggle, Delph, Lees, Springhead, Denshaw, Mossley, Shaw, Royton and surrounding areas.

Consider colour

Your new bathroom is an opportunity to reflect your personality - whatever you choose, you’ll be making a statement. Some people want a dramatic look and are thrilled to commit to bold coloured tiles, while others prefer to stay neutral with a cream, grey or white. 

Take into account the size of your bathroom, for example if it’s a smaller space a lighter coloured tile will work better and not crowd the room. There’s also the option to keep the fixed parts neutral, and pair with bright accessories such as mirrors, pictures and towels for a statement finish. Accessories can then easily be switched if you wanted a change further down the line.

Lighten up

It’s easy to see the main parts of your bathroom as your suite and tiles, but lighting will play a pivotal role in the overall look, so be sure not to neglect it!

With options for ceiling lights, mirror lights and even floor lights, you can completely alter the mood of your bathroom with some simple lighting effects. The choice and position of lighting can even alter how big or small your bathroom appears!

Savour the sink

In the past, freestanding sinks were the norm, but there’s now a range of options to choose from. Many of our customers choose integral sinks, which also allow for the creation of vanity units and cupboards - giving additional storage.

Sinks are also available in different materials, from porcelain to marble to suit both your taste and budget! 

Love your layout

It’s important to get the configuration of your bathroom right so that pipes can be hidden and the finished look is perfect. With options for one or two wet walls (where the pipes will sit behind), most people have the choice of their shower on one wall and toilet and sink on another, or all three along one side.

Nailing down this part of the design will free you up to consider other options, such as where to place a towel rail or additional storage. 

Bask in the bathtub

As a main feature of most bathrooms, it’s worth spending time considering the type of tub that will best suit your needs. There are countless options, from traditional baths to elegant freestanding tubs; as well as contemporary whirlpool jet tubs for bringing the spa to your home!

Looking for a new bathroom in the Greater Manchester area?

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